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Please see below a copy of our current Homework Guidelines:

Homework Guidelines 2015-2016

First of all, thank you for your support with homework throughout the year, it is hugely valuable, and really helps your child to progress in school. Here are some guidelines for homework for this session. As always, we are keen to hear your thoughts on this, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries, suggestions for improvements or concerns!

  •  Homework will be set from Monday to Friday, leaving the weekends free for rest and relaxation for all. However, if you find it suits your schedule better to help your child(ren) at weekends then let me know.
  •  Details can be found in the homework diary. This is a good home –school link, and it would be very helpful if you could sign this at the end of every week, adding any comments about how your child found the homework.
  • Weekly homework will consist of reading, spelling, a listening and talking task and a maths task. Occasionally there will be independent research or project work given for older pupils. P1s and P2s will also have key words, sounds and blending lists.
  •  It may seem that younger children have lots more homework, but these are all short jobs, where constant reinforcement is the key to learning. Sounds, tricky words and blending lists should not take more than 15 minutes per night in total, please have a chat with me if this is taking longer.
  • Reading: Constant practise in reading is essential to progress in this key skill, and your involvement in the process is very valuable: question your child about the text, try word spotting games, ask them to predict what might happen next! Choose a good time and comfortable space, free of distractions, to enjoy this with your child. Older children will be more independent, but please remember to encourage them to focus on this task.
  • Spelling: We will continue to use our active spelling cards this session. They have proved popular with the children, and allow for a more creative approach to this task. Spellings will be issued on Monday, and should be completed by Friday, when spelling tests will now be given. P1s will not start spelling until after Christmas.
  • Listening and Talking Tasks: Show and Tell will now take place on a Friday. At Pupil Council last week the children suggested topics that they would be interested in for the focus of these sessions, and a list for this term is attached. As always, we are keen that these tasks are well prepared, and they can be supported by visual aids or posters. We have attached a planning template to help with preparation. Older pupils might like to enhance their presentations by using PowerPoint!
  • Maths: Maths homework uses the guidelines provided by P&K. It will be a mixture of practical and written tasks, and complement work done in school. Although I have suggested Wednesday as the night for Maths homework, feel free to be flexible, and chose another night if this works better for you and your child. Any written homework will be issued on Monday for completion by Friday.