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Social Studies

Our learning and teaching in Social Studies aims to support children as they develop their awareness of the world around them. Topic work is developed over the course of a year, generally on a four block basis, with the emphasis in each block being historical, geographical, environmental or technology related. In all areas of topic work we aim to engage our pupils in the planning process, by regularly seeking their views as to inspiring/relevant areas of learning that they wish to explore, and encouraging them to think of the ‘big questions’ that they would like to be answered. Independent research and study skills are also developed through topic work, and our learning will always be complemented by educational visits when appropriate. These visits are only possible with the kind support of Meggernie Estate, who regularly offer the use of the Estate minibus, for which we are very grateful.


 Visit to The Crannog

We also use Interdisciplinary learning  (well planned and based on experiences and outcomes drawn from different curriculum areas or subjects within them) regularly to ensure that our pupils can make connections between different areas of learning, and have the opportunity to progress and transfer their skills. Recently we have very much enjoyed learning about Houses and Homes, The Vikings, La Francophonie and The Victorians.

 Further information on our Social Studies curriculum can be found in our School Handbook.